Calgary Cell Phone Tower Locations

It is estimated that there are approximately 400 of these unsightly steel towers blanketing the city to date, with more popping up to the concern of those living nearby.

Calgary is under there...somewhere

Up next: a 61 metre tower proposed in the community of Tuscany to built along Tuscany Blvd within 12 Mile Coulee Park.  With most towers around 14.9 metres (49 feet) and 35 metres (115 feet) tall, it’s no wonder homeowners are concerned about this towering monstrosity that would be Calgary’s largest.

To view where cell phone towers are currently located in Calgary, you can check out this website.

The City of Calgary has cell tower FAQ’s that can be read here.

My question to you is:  Does the location of a cell phone tower affect your decision when buying a home?

14 responses to “Calgary Cell Phone Tower Locations

  1. Yes, unfortunately

  2. I live in Cedarbrae. In my home I get extremely poor cellular signal. I’ve been with both Rogers and now Virgin (Bell) and on both networks I have calls dropping and no signal on a regular basis. It drives me nuts, as my cell phone is my only phone. A balance needs to be found. Ugly towers may not be nice to look at, but being able to use the phone is also handy.

  3. I think it’s more the health risks (whether real or perceived) than just the ugly view that concerns nearby residents.

  4. West Hillhurst residents are the latest to oppose a cell tower proposed in their community:

  5. I have a solution for the issue with cell reception: It’s called a land line.

  6. Christine Scott

    Has the new 61 metre high cell tower (Telus?) been built and if so, is it operational? Can’t seem to locate it on this map.

  7. Absolutely!

  8. Definitely!! I don’t want to be living near all that radiation!

  9. I noticed a weird looking tower going up in Tuscany and was just wondering if this is a cell phone tower? Anybody have any ideas if that is what it is?

  10. better to do your own research into the hazards of living near a cell transmitter because you’ll likely not learn about the dangers through the “normal media” … i.e. there’s been enough science showing serious concerns that some other countries have wireless safety standards 1000 times more stringent than ours. One of the cell towers I know of is hidden in wooden church “steeple” across from newly built condos so it will be transmitting directly into people’s homes 24/7 – just ask your body, “how would you like to live there?” and notice how you feel knowing this.

  11. On my building they have set two huge cell towers and two pipes leading to the roof from the ground. In the past when we only had one cell tower,
    three people died from Cancer and one still lives in the second floor and
    also had cancer.

  12. Definitely – my husband has a Meter which detects these frequencies and it’s really surprising what he finds. He took an EMF mitigation course and there were interesting stories. These definitely affect our health adversely, especially women and children (thinner skulls).

  13. Yes it does since the companies that set up these towers deny the negative effects of the radiation from these towers. Yet there had been significant by other sources regarding the dangers to humans.

    I will apreciate having this information so that I could make an informed choice or contribute my say to prevent addditional towers from being constructed.

  14. I would NOT buy a home in a 5G
    area. Scientists and Doctors have
    been loudly voicing the dangers
    of 5G.
    A community in Medicine Hat has
    pushed back against a TELUS 5G
    tower and TELUS has decided to
    relocate it.
    What can we do here in Calgary?

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