Calgary Historical Average House Prices & Sales Timeline

Update, April 2012: click here

A look at Calgary house prices & sales over the past few decades.

During the early 1980’s boom/bust, Calgary average house prices peaked at $110,184 (Total MLS) in January 1982.  Prices bottomed out in November 1984 at $68,322 – a 37.99% drop.

The next peak was in July 2007 at $442,693 (remember, that’s using old criteria) with the next low in January 2009 at $363,706 – a 17.8% decline.   Last month, the average price was $417,875 which is down 5.6% from the peak.

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It’s interesting to see how prices reacted to changes in the mortgage rules:

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Since 1987, the highest sales level was in March 2007 with 3939 transactions. The lowest was 683 in December 1995 (December 2008 had 767). When looking at just the month of June, residential sales last month were the lowest since 1996 with 1811 properties changing hands.

For detailed historical statistics including average and median prices, please visit my website at:

Note: Up until May 2007, the residential statistics compiled by CREB included “single family homes, condos, and mobile homes in the city of Calgary and surrounding district. Please be aware that these numbers do not include “Total MLS” which includes Country Residential and Rural Land. Country Residential and Rural Land listings were never included in the “Old Criteria” statistics, and they are not included here.”

Bob Truman is the only Calgary agent I know that still keeps track of the CREB’s old criteria, which is essential for comparing “apples to apples.”  Thanks!

In 2007, the statistics were divided into SFH and Condos for Metro-Calgary which I think is a much better way to track prices.   But for the purpose of this post, the statistics used in the charts below are CREB’s “old criteria” unless otherwise specified.  (I only have statistics going back to 2002 using the new criteria)

13 responses to “Calgary Historical Average House Prices & Sales Timeline

  1. Mike,
    Thank you for providing all this data. Really appreciated.

  2. Thanks Mike.

  3. Question, what is the compounded annual rate of return on the first graph above? ie. Calgary Residential Average Prices since 1973?
    What about if the returns were broken in to 10 year increments? ie. from 1973 – 1982, 1984 – 1992, 1994 – 2002, 2004 – Current

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  5. I sold my house in Mount Royal in 1996 for C$244,000 when I moved back to California. I think its worth $3M now! What’s with Calgary RE prices? Thats crazy!

  6. No where in this does it say that that former mayor of Calgary mayor bronco changed the way property’s are evaluated. He made it so the city determines property value and not the market. For more tax dollars.

    All stats are from MLS sales, nothing at all to do with property assessments.
    -Mike Fotiou

  7. Thanks for half truth and leaving what matters out. And twisting reality

  8. Hi Mike,

    Do you have a link to all the historical real-estate prices? I can’t find it anywhere.



    10 year historical data here
    -Mike Fotiou

  9. Hi Mike
    I am working on closing my moms estate and am curious if you would know what the average price of a home in maple ridge would have been in December of 1998.

    Hi there, I’ve sent you some info
    -Mike Fotiou

  10. Hi Mike,

    I’m wondering if you know where I could find historic rent prices for Calgary dating back to the 1980s.


  11. Clarence DeNeve

    I live in Radisson Heights and inherited a house there in 1985 or 1986 and cannot find the value of my house then. Would you know the average price of a home in Radisson Heights in those years? Thanks

  12. Jacklyn Goerzen

    Hi I need to know the average price of a 3-bedroom stand-alone home corner lot in Varsity Acres Northwest Calgary in 1973?

  13. I am working to close my dad’s estate and would like to know what the average prince of a Calgary – Altadore three bedroom bungalow would have been in 1998.
    Thank you.

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