Frequently Asked Questions


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Should I rely on City Assessments to buy or sell Calgary real estate?

What impact do rising interest rates have on the house market?

Are Remediated Grow-Ops Safe?

Landlords: Is Your Rental Property A Grow-Op?

What should I know about foreclosures?

What are the tenants’ rights in the sale of a property?

Is the First-time Home Buyers Tax Credit (HBTC) just for “First-time” buyers?

Can a buyer withdraw their offer? When & how?

What is an Initial Deposit?

How do I calculate Property Tax Adjustments at closing? What is TIPP?

How do I calculate Payout Penalties & Interest Differentials?

What is the difference between a Condition and a Term?

What is the difference between an Addendum & an Amendment? 

What are “closing costs” and how much are they?

What are GDS and TDS Ratios?

Can a lender refuse to renew a mortgage?

What you should know about Gift Letter & Divorce

Do sellers have to disclose when their home is Conditionally Sold?

Should I use a discount or full service agent?

Should I sign a Seller Property Disclosure Statement?

Can I back out of a construction contract?

What are the issues surrounding Cash Back deals?

What should be the condition of the property at possession?

What are Restrictive Covenants?

Do I need a new or updated Real Property Report?

Do you need a Real Property Report when selling a condo? It depends

Are Real Property Reports Necessary If You Have Title Insurance?

What is the lawyer’s part in purchasing or selling real estate?

What is a Subject to Sale Clause?

Do I need a financing condition if I’m aleady pre-approved?

What Is a Guaranteed Sale?

Why choose a home inspector that uses thermal imaging?

What is Vermiculite Insulation & Was It Used In Calgary Homes?

What is Radon Gas & How Can I Test For It?

What is Knob and Tube wiring and can I insure a home that has it?

What is toxic drywall? Is there any in Calgary?

Where are the flood zones in Calgary?

Where can I get the blueprints for my house?

How Can I Find Out If A Basement Development Has The Necessary Permits?

Will Property Taxes Decrease If Assessed Values Do?

What is a Local Improvement Charge? (LI)

What are HOA fees?

Should I Have Pre-Possession Walk-Through?

What should I know about assuming a mortgage?

What Is Title Insurance?

What is an Insurance Binder?

What Is The Legal Size Of A Basement Bedroom Window?

What is the Dower Act?

How much is the Land Transfer Tax in Alberta?

What Are Stigmatized Properties?

How can I save on my electric bills?

What are phantom bids?

Do sellers need to disclose when their home is already conditionally sold?

What is seasonality? Why are year-over-year comparisons better than month-over-month?

What is a Special Assessment? Reserve Fund?

How do I change my condo bylaws?

What are Post Tension Cables?

Why shouldn’t I look for condos with the lowest fees?

Why should I get the Condo Documents reviewed?

What’s the difference between Condo “Registered Size” VS “Total Living Area”?

Condo parking: What’s the difference between Titled, Assigned & Leased?